Man Paralyzed for Over 31 Years Bowls a 209

Record achieved: 3/23/2013  Posted on website: 3/31/2013

Quadriplegic Bowler Aaron Parker Bowls a 209

My friend Aaron Parker bowled a 209 on March 23rd, 2013. Many people have bowled that well before, but not many -- if any -- who have lived with paralysis for more than 31 years.

Aaron has been a C7 quadriplegic since July 1st, 1981. He is paralyzed from his chest down and thus uses a power wheelchair. That doesn't sound like a typical description for someone who just set a personal bowling record of 209, but adding an IKAN Bowler to a wheelchair allows its user to bowl in a way that is equivalent to how able-bodied people bowl (so says the USBC). For an explanation and video example, checkout

I personally find it amazing that someone who has been paralyzed for over 31 years can compete in a sport on a level "playing field" and do so very well. Here's Aaron's scoresheet:

On that day, our Central Florida Quad Squad group had four wheelchair users bowling: Brenda, Lilian, Aaron, and me. We also had a University of Florida graduate student taking video of us for a story she's doing for a class assignment. But the video camera didn't bother Aaron, as he bowled his second ever game of 200 or better with his 209. All of us had fun, but Aaron had top score of the afternoon (I finished with the second highest with either a 169 or 179; I truly don't remember which it was). Anyway...

It's fitting that I'm posting Aaron's new record on Easter, because Aaron is a Christian man who is always quick to recognize and give thanks to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (He's my Lord and Saviour too and if He's not yours, He can be  if you desire; feel free to ask me how here).

As Aaron said after bowling 209, "All glory to the Lord!"

Indeed -- and CONGRATULATIONS Aaron!
For Aaron's previous best, click HERE.

Bill Miller  :-)
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