Aaron Parker Enters "200 Club" with a 202

Story originated: 1/26/2013

Quadriplegic Bowler Aaron Parker Enters 200-Club with a 202

On January 26th, 2013, my friend and fellow Central Florida Quad Squad Bowler Aaron Parker bowled a 202 and became the 6th IKAN Bowler user to bowl 200 or better (to our knowledge; if you know another IKAN user who has broken 200, please contact me here).

The 200-Club now consists of these wheelchair & IKAN users (the bolded names are links): Aaron Parker, Alex McDonald, Anthony (a Veteran who called us about breaking 200, but he passed away before we got his last name or scoresheet), Jon Musgrave, Lilian Strandlund, and me (Bill Miller).

Aaron's big bowling breakthrough came about partially due to him discovering that if he keeps his head in the same place on his headrest, he can get used to the same view and more consistently release shots where he wants to. The results were quite good: 153, 202, and 171 for a 526 series.

Here is Aaron's scoresheet:

Aaron achieved this at our Central Florida Quad Squad Bowling outing. Most often, we have between three and six wheelchair users bowling with IKAN Bowlers, and we have had eight of us bowling before, but it just so happened that Aaron and I were the only two who could attend that day. We all  have a friendly competition to see who can bowl the highest score on the afternoon.

Aaron beat me pretty thoroughly that day, and though we do compete, I was quite happy to see him enter the 200-Club. Plus I did have two moments that could be considered the shots of the day. I had quite a few splits, including nasty 4-10 splits at least twice. I put "at least twice" because I picked it up once and came extremely close to doing it a second time.

To see why that's a difficult shot, see the 6-7-10 picture HERE, and note that the 4-10 would essentially be the reverse of the 6-7 split, which would be picked up the same way the picture shows the 6-7-10 is (when you graze the 6-pin at the proper angle, your ball should automatically pick up the 10-pin).

I've been bowling roughly twice a month for about 9 years with our Quad Squad, and I've converted the 6-7-10 split about once a year. But I've never converted a 4-7-10 split, but the 4-10 is almost the same (requires the same execution to convert it) and I almost did it twice within 15 minutes. The second time, I hit the 4-pin at the right angle to slide it across the lane into the 10-pin, and it bumped the 10-pin, which wobbled, but didn't fall over. My co-inventor of the IKAN Bowler, Claude put a dollar on my lap as incentive to convert the 4-10, and he said I should keep the dollar because the 10-pin should've fallen.

But my vote for the shots of the day were in Aaron's 202 game. He had four consecutive strikes in his 2nd through 5th frames, which put him on track for breaking 200. But after the worst split possible, the 7-10 split (which is impossible for us IKAN users to convert because of our limited ball speed) in Aaron's 7th frame, he was sitting on 145 with three frames remaining. So unless he could string consecutive strikes together, he would need either a strike or spare in each of the next three frames to break 200.

Aaron finished strike, spare, spare, and his spare in the 10th was the real "pressure" shot (it automatically becomes more difficult when you have the "pressure" of knowing you have a really good game going and wanting to finish as high as possible. And I was quite happy to see him convert his spare in the 10th, and follow it with 9 pins for a 202. Those were the real shots of the day.

From a bowling standpoint, January 26th belonged to Aaron, but Aaron would tell you that every day belongs to the Lord, as does the glory from Aaron's excellent bowling (and my two shots). I second that statement.

For Aaron's original IKAN User Profile, click HERE.

CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to the 200-Club Aaron! :-)

Bill Miller  :-)
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