Jon Musgrave's very impressive 243 was the overall world record for dynamic wheelchair bowling for just over five years (click HERE for the new record). It's still the record for males who operate their wheelchairs by joystick (hand control).

UPDATE: this was the record for males driving by joystick; click HERE for the new record!


Checkout the last game above... Jon Musgrave's 243 was the overall world record for dynamic bowling by a wheelchair user (click HERE for why this was a legitimate world record, and to see the record scores in multiple categories).  What makes Jon's score particularly impressive is that he is paralyzed from roughly his chest down (he's a C4-5 quadriplegic) -- and has limited arm ability.  But he has enough arm ability to operate his power wheelchair by hand joystick. 

For more about Jon, click HERE! :-)

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