Lilian Strandlund Enters 200 Club with a 215

The current dynamic wheelchair bowling record for a female overall,
a female with cerebral palsy, and a female driving by joystick is 215!

Story originated: 8/13/2011

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At our central Florida Quad Squad Bowling outing yesterday, my friend Lilian Strandlund smashed her personal bowling best of 189 with a whopping... 215!

In doing so, Lilian also reset her and the records for a female overall, a female with cerebral palsy, and a female driving by joystick. These are legitimate world records in these categories of wheelchair bowling because she bowled them in dynamic fashion with an IKAN Bowler, which is sanctioned by the USBC when used dynamically (for details, click HERE).

Here is Lilian's scoresheet and additional commentary is below:

All of us IKAN users at Quad Squad Bowling, Lilian and myself included, we all try to bowl our best and achieve the top Quad Squad score when we bowl. It's fun, good-natured competition. Well, the best score anyone posted on the afternoon until Lilian's amazing game was my 155 (that's actually a relatively low top score for the group of us).

Lilian's record game started mildly, with an open frame in the first. BUT then her strike-ball got hot and she rolled FIVE CONSECUTIVE STRIKES! After just four straight strikes, I knew my 155 was toast and I was hoping Lilian could stay hot and break 200 (we always cheer for each other regardless).

Lilian did stay hot, and only had one open frame the rest of the game (and her spare attempt was oh-so-close to picking it up). Lilian finished in style with a nice spare in the 10th and a strike with her extra ball to add an exclamation point to her first game of 200 or better.

To my knowledge, Lilian is the 5th IKAN User to join the 200 Club (please contact me if you have bowled 200 or better IKAN style -- or contact me if you want to -- I might be able to help).

For more about Lilian, click HERE.


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