New Record for Males Driving by Head Array Control

This was the record for males driving by head array; click HERE for the new record!

Game bowled on: 6/27/2016; Posted here: 6/30/2016

Mike Murach's 190 Is the New Record for Males Driving by Head Array Control

Artist, athlete, husband and more… Mike Murach is back with a new record.

Mike went bowling with family and friends, and "warmed up" with a 113 in his first game and rocked a 190 in his second game.

Here is their scoresheet (Mike's nickname is "Mur"):
Scoresheet Showing Mike Murach's Record

For some background info about Mike, including his current profession as well as his athletic background, please see the writeup about his (then) record 180 game HERE.

For Mike's previous best, a 182, click HERE.

Keep having fun bowling Mike – I see you bowling 200+ in the future!
Bill Miller :-)
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