Birthday Girl Sets New Record for Females with MD

This was the record for female bowlers with MD. The new record is HERE!
Story originated: 10/09/2010

Peggy Overbey's 170 Is the New Record for Females who have Muscular Dystrophy

My friend Peggy Overbey made her birthday particularly memorable by bowling a new record for both herself and females who have MD.  At our local Quad Squad Bowling outing, we had 5 IKAN Users (Peggy, Lilian, Rhonda, Ben and me) plus a large cheering section and plenty of volunteer caddies (including many youth group members from First Baptist Church of Umatilla) for which we are grateful (I'm speaking on behalf of my fellow bowlers and our caregivers).

Peggy's scoresheet below shows her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th games.  Strangely, the first game wasn't on the printout, but fortunately, Peggy bowled the record-setting game 2nd.  She overcame two open frames in the first three frames to put on a show with SEVEN straight marks en route to a 170 total and new high score.  Not only was the 170 her overall record, but it took the early lead for top score among the 5 of us bowling.

What people reading this might not know is that we have a $20 Quad Squad Challenge issued by my Dad.  That is: any IKAN User who can beat my top score on the afternoon, he/she earns $20 from my Dad (he calls it "ego control" because he knows I'm competitive and I typically bowl well enough to post a score near the top, if not the top, on the afternoon; experience helps and I've bowled quite a bit since, technically, I co-invented the IKAN Bowler).

I was on the end of our group of 5 IKAN Users, bowling next to Peggy and cheering her on with everyone else (even though we have a friendly competition, we all cheer for each other).  And her 170 was the mark I had to try to top or tie (even though it was her birthday, she wouldn't want the $20 reward if I wasn't giving my best effort).  I also bowled four games total and my two best were my 3rd and 4th in which I had a...  169...  and 167.  So Peggy won the $20 Quad Squad Challenge on her birthday -- but, boy, was it close.

In my 3rd game, I had a strike to start my 10th frame, followed by 8 pins and I needed the last two to tie Peggy with a 170.  The remaining pins were the 4-and-7, which are the two grouped together and closest to the left gutter.  The 7-pin is right next to the gutter, and I actually hit the 7-pin square, just missing the left edge of the 4-pin, leaving me with a 169. 

After my first ball in the 10th frame of my 4th game, I couldn't catch Peggy, so there wasn't as much drama even though I got fairly close to her score with a 167.

CONGRATULATIONS on the new record and for earning the $20 Peggy! :-)

A group of us went out to eat together after bowling to further celebrate Peggy's birthday with her.
Here is Peggy's new record scoresheet:

For Peggy's previous best, click HERE.
Keep up the good work Peggy!
Bill Miller :-)
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